n   Shakyamuni Buddha left the home-life to attain enlightenment, preaching the ways of ending suffering and finding and the dharma of transcending life and death.

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Dear Members:

     Summer is here. Upon its invitation, trees are singing with flourishing branches and luxuriant leaves, and flowers blooming in radiant shapes and splendid colors. Streams flow with merry vitality, and birds chirp with melodious grace, infusing everything with vibrant life. Every living creature is a tiny but complete universe, blessed with the potential to attain Buddhahood as one’s original self is replete with Buddha nature springing from joyous responses to dharma. I wish you all replete with dharma joy.

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Dear TACBS Members:

    Time has flied by so fast; without any notice, plume flowers are beginning to blossom, signaling the coming of a new season. I wish you all a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

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