n   Shakyamuni Buddha left the home-life to attain enlightenment, preaching the ways of ending suffering and finding and the dharma of transcending life and death.

n   Receiving increasing attention since the 1970s, hospice/palliative care attends to the spiritual needs of terminally ill patients, tackling with the avoidable issue of death and highlighting the importance of spiritual care.

n   In 1995, the Palliative Ward at National Taiwan University Hospital was founded. During the period from 1998 to 2006, the NTUH Palliative Ward, as entrusted by Buddhist Lotus Hospice Care Foundation and Yi-Ju Sanctuary Hospice Care Association, has endeavored to develop an indigenous spiritual care model for terminal cancer patients and to train clinical Buddhist chaplains who, upon graduation, were referred to palliative wards throughout Taiwan, providing frontline spiritual cares for numerous terminal patients.

n   Taiwan Association of Clinical Buddhist Studies is founded in response to the needs of clinical Buddhist chaplains to sustain ongoing training and professional growth.



n   Facilitate the integration of modern medicine and Buddhist studies to promote the development of clinical Buddhist studies, hospice/palliative care, and life education in Taiwan.



n   Integrate medicine with Buddhist studies, develop a spiritual care model indigenous to the culture of Taiwan and enhance the quality of palliative care for terminally ill patients.

n   Plan and host research activities, education programs, and training courses with a focus on clinical Buddhist studies.

n   Incorporate hospice/palliative care and life education as integral components of health promotion activities and courses.

n   Assist in the professional education of clinical Buddhist chaplains and expedite ongoing developments and researches.



n  Research & Development Committee
Responsible for researching and developing solutions to challenging issues in clinical spiritual care.

n   Education Development Committee
Responsible for planning and hosting on-job training and education for clinical Buddhist chaplains.

n   Promotion & Publicity Committee
Responsible for promoting the concepts of clinical Buddhist studies.

n   Teacher Education Committee
Responsible for training qualified teachers for clinical Buddhist chaplaincy.

n   Association Development Committee
Responsible for the operation, general administration, and development of the association.



n    Establish the certification system for professional clinical Buddhist chaplains.

n   Build the center around clinical Buddhist chaplains, utilize Buddhist teachings as the core knowledge, benefit terminally ill patients and their families by integrating spiritual care with modern medicine, and promote Buddhist spiritual care an essential link in modern healthcare.

n   Train clinical Buddhist chaplains and allied professionals.

n   Develop qualified teachers to open courses at universities and Buddhist institutes for training clinical Buddhist chaplains.

n   Establish a support network for clinical Buddhist chaplains.

n   Share TACBS merits and resources with the public to promote life-death education.


Contact Us

n   TACBS website at: http://www.tacbs.org/

n   Telephone: 886-2- 2823-8791  FAX:886-2-2821-1678

n   E-mail: tacbs.service@msa.hinet.net

n   Address : 4F., No.4 , Lane 107, Sec.1, Jhihyuan 1st RD., Beitou District, Taipei City 112, Taiwan R.O.C.


Learn About

n   Recent and coming activities

n   Clinical Buddhist chaplain training programs and application forms.

n   Subscription of TACBS Bulletins

n   Arrangements for inviting clinical Buddhist chaplains for speeches/lectures


Support Us

n   TACBS needs your help and support to make the development of clinical Buddhist studies more effective and successful. Your generous support will be a major driving force behind all our endeavors and a great benefit to more terminally ill patients and their families.

n   For donation, please use the Postal Transfer System and make your postal remittance payable to:
Account No.: 50053463
Account Name: Taiwan Association of Clinical Buddhist Studies


Join Us

n   Any R.O.C. citizens in support of the TACBS goal and missions, aged over 20 years old and engaged in works related to the treatment and nursing of terminal ill patients, hospice/palliative care, chaplaincy, religious orders, social works, psychology, medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, health sciences, rehabilitation, volunteering, academic research, and other allied fields are welcomed to apply for TACBS membership.

n   Individual Membership
Available to R.O.C. citizens aged over 20 years old and supporting the goal and missions of TACBS.

n   Group Membership
Available to public and private organizations or institutions supporting the goal and missions of TACBS.

n   Sponsoring Membership
Available to individuals or organizations providing TACBS with substantial support in terms of funding, donations, or services.


Membership Fees

n   Initial Application Fee
NT$1,000 for individual members and NT$10,000 for group members, payable upon the award of membership.

n   Annual Membership Fee
NT$500 for individual members and NT$10,000 for group members.



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